About us

Welcome to my Website, I'm Nat.

I'm a Melbourne mother of 5 beautiful children aged between 3 & 17 years old. One of my daughters, Shae, was born with a moderate hearing loss. By the time she was 1, Shae had lost most of her hearing. It is now a severe loss in her right ear, and a severe to profound hearing loss in her left ear.

To alert first responders in an unfortunate event where I cannot speak on her behalf - and just wanting to keep my daughter safe at all times - I personalised a set of seat belt covers which specify important medical details so that first respondents have vital information relating to my daughter.

Shae has a cochlear implant to assist in providing sound signals to her brain. Because of this implant it is important she is not exposed to the magnetic field of an MRI which can do damage.

Doing this has made me realise an urgent need in the community for these products and their popularity has proven this.

I am able to personalise your seat belt covers for any number of conditions that may relate to your loved ones treatment in the event of an emergency. Our seatbelt straps are portable so they can also be used on school or hiking back pack straps, bus seatbelts or any vehicle – being easy to fit (velcro) they can be used in any number of places.

Shae has been the inspiration behind a lot of my work, we hope to make a difference in your life too.

Thank you for looking through my website.